This morning I found this note I jottedĀ  down sometime ago for my blog, and never posted it.

I have nothing left to say.

Or at least I am voiceless. Friday, for the first time in 15 years of public speaking, I ran out of voice halfway in the second day of Successful Presentation. As unexpected as tedious. My only concern was to keep my voice not so irritating for the audience, of course it was, but hopefully not too much. There are few things you could (and should) have a backup: pc, slides, remote control batteries, … Others it’s difficult, or impossible, to have a spare copy. As the voice. A recorded presentation is out of the equation, unless you are at Top of the Pops. Something does help in these situations. Bring a hefty load of passion and enthusiasm for your gig. They won’t give you back your voice, but they will induce you to better handle any unforeseen happening. Your attitude will make the difference. Even mine, since Wednesday I have a sales training coming up!

Luckily it happened only another time, shortly before that one, and then never after. I still believe in everything I wrote down that day. I hope it won’t happen to you, but I hope even more that you’ll be prepared if, alas, it should.