TED presentations

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How TED presentations impact public speaking? Today many of us are exposed to TED presentations, would it be occasionally or frequently as it is with me. If you don’t know exactly what I am talking about I strongly encourage you to go and visit the TED web site and watch at least a couple of them. I reference some of my favourites when I talk about a bamboo stick from the great Hans Rosling or the iconic way of presenting of Lawrence...

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Storytelling: is it good also for scientific publication?

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In my last newsletter I spoke once more about storytelling. After that some conversations started and one of them was “but that’s a marketing thing”, whatever that means. In other words, storytelling is good for marketers, for selling something and general communication, but if stuff gets serious… Well, that’s not true, one of the fundamental reasons why storytelling is effective is that it is the way we learn...

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Why do I forget people’s names?

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A classic: I am introduced to new people “Nice to meet you I’am….”, smiles, handshakes. raise my gaze and I think: “What’s his name? Ouch, every time!”. I feel beyond hope, but I am not the only one. It is fairly common to forget people’s names, and there’s a scientific reason behind. Better, there’s more than one, mainly because it’s difficult to create associations to a name...

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How much time do you need to prepare a successful presentation?

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36 to 90 hours to prepare a 60 minutes presentation with about 30 slides. It is not a rule, but an advice from Nancy Duarte in her book slide:ology. If you don’t know her, Nancy is a communication expert, known for supporting great speakers. One of her most acclaimed job is the Al Gore famous presentation on climate change. Going back to the time you need to prepare a successful presentation, it is difficult for me to give a precise...

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The Talent Code: go deliver a presentation!

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I am reading The Talent Code right now, an interesting book by Daniel Coyle on… well on talent of course!¬†What is the main idea of the book? That talent is something we are not born with (or without) and it can be grown. The scientific point is that it is based on a substance called myelin which our brain develops with deep practice. What is deep practice? Focused exercise where we struggle, make mistakes, learn from them and push our...

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Laser pointer – is it good to use it in presentations?

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Are laser pointers a good visual aid tool to support and enhance your presentation? That’s a fairly common question I receive in my Successful Presentation course, when we start talking about using visual aids (mainly slides). These pointers are normally embedded in the remote we use to advance to the next slide, so laser has to be good! Laser indeed is good, for example to cut diamonds and in fibre optics (but sorry, you need a different...

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