20 simple rules for your slides: introduction

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The idea came long ago from this Timothy Samara’s beautiful book: It talks about graphic design and it mentions 20 rules to keep in mind, you may break them, but only after you understood them and you do it for a good reason. Here they are:   As you can see from the overlay in the bottom right, I shot this picture in 2010 with the idea of doing something. Now, finally, I decided to run a series of posts on how to apply each rule in visual...

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How to present data?

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How you format a number (when you present data, but not only) has a great impact on how it is perceived and evaluated even by professionals. A very interesting experiment is reported in the great book Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman at page 330. Professionals evaluated whether it was safe to discharge from the psychiatric hospital a patient, Mr Jones with a history of violence. The information they received included an expert...

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Presentations lullaby

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Few days ago I was attending a major conference, over a thousand delegates at MiCo in Milan. I took notice of my behaviour, and the one of people around me, it triggered a thought on the use of voice in public speaking and the lullaby effect. Using the tail Matter of fact, nowadays during a presentation a hefty part of the audience is using an electronic device: smart-phone, tablet or PC. At the same conference it was stated also by Gianmario...

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TED presentations

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How TED presentations impact public speaking? Today many of us are exposed to TED presentations, would it be occasionally or frequently as it is with me. If you don’t know exactly what I am talking about I strongly encourage you to go and visit the TED web site and watch at least a couple of them. I reference some of my favourites when I talk about a bamboo stick from the great Hans Rosling or the iconic way of presenting of Lawrence...

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Storytelling: is it good also for scientific publication?

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In my last newsletter I spoke once more about storytelling. After that some conversations started and one of them was “but that’s a marketing thing”, whatever that means. In other words, storytelling is good for marketers, for selling something and general communication, but if stuff gets serious… Well, that’s not true, one of the fundamental reasons why storytelling is effective is that it is the way we learn...

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Why do I forget people’s names?

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A classic: I am introduced to new people “Nice to meet you I’am….”, smiles, handshakes. raise my gaze and I think: “What’s his name? Ouch, every time!”. I feel beyond hope, but I am not the only one. It is fairly common to forget people’s names, and there’s a scientific reason behind. Better, there’s more than one, mainly because it’s difficult to create associations to a name...

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